Tutorial World Primary 1
Name:_________________________ Date:_______________

Cloze Passage   (4.1)

Read the passage carefully and fill in the blanks.

A Day At Sentosa

During the school holidays, my mother brought my brother ________

(and , with) me to Sentosa. We _______ (take , took) a ferry to the island.

We_________ (was , were) very excited ____________ (because , when)

it was our first visit to Sentosa. ____________ (My , Mine) favourite place

was the Wax Museum. It ________ (tells , told) about Singapore's history

in the Second World War. It _________ (is , are) not good to have wars.

_________ (In , When) the afternoon, we __________ (go , went) to

the beach. It was a hot ____________ (with , and) humid day. My mother

____________ (bought , brought) us ___________ (hot , cold) drinks and


We __________ (have , had) a happy day with _________ (us , our)

mother. We __________ (would , would not) certainly like to visit Sentosa

again soon.

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