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Cloze Passage (4.3)

Read the passage carefully and fill in the blanks.

The Wise Mouse

"You thieving mouse, I will _____________ (get , got) you !" the cat

shouted as he chased _________ (before , after) the mouse. The mouse

_________ (is , was) soon caught and ___________ (ate , eaten) by the


Other mice, watching _______ (in , from) the attic shook ________

(in , with) fear that they might __________ (become , because) the next

victims. One of the mice said, "We must __________ (think , thought) of

a good plan to keep the cat away, ____________ (because , otherwise)

we will be eaten too."

A ________ (wise , stupid) mouse said, "That's simple. Just place

a bell ____________ (around , on) the cat's neck. The ____________

(tinkling , alarm) of the bell will tell us that the cat is ________ (nearby ,

there) and will ___________ (give , tell) us time to escape."

Everyone ___________ (was , were) impressed __________ (on ,

with) the plan and said, "____________ (Its , It's) a great idea. You are

___________ (instead , indeed) wise.

The mouse confidently answered, "Oh! __________ (This , That)

was simple."

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