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Cloze Passage (4.5)

Read the passage carefully and fill in the blanks.

Peter Pan

In a house on a quiet London street _______________ (built , lived)

a family with three _______________ (boys , children) Wendy, John and

Michael. One evening, __________ (when , who) their parents had gone

out, Wendy was telling a story to her ___________ (younger , youngest)

brothers. Nana, their _____________ (pet , stray) dog was __________

(to , also) listening to it.

As Wendy was _____________ (talking , sleeping), she turned and

saw a strange boy standing __________ (by , in) the window.

"____________ (What , Who) are you?" asked Wendy.

"I'm Peter Pan ____________ (to , from) Never-Never Land."

As he was coming in _______________ (to , through) the window,

Nana jumped up and __________ (bit , beat) at his leg.

"____________ (Start , Stop) Nana !" Wendy shouted.

"Thank you, Wendy. I brought a necklace ______________ (and ,

with) an acorn on it for you." Wendy was so _____________ (pleased ,

displeased) with the necklace that she put it on immediately.

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