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Cloze Passage (4.1)

Read the passage and fill in the blanks.

A Cat's Day

Joy and Tom were happy cats living _________ (in , at) a cardboard

box. Tom worked _________ (as , to) a security guard in a restaurant and

Joy ____________ (takes , took) care of the housework.

One day, Tom was ___________ (in , on) such a hurry to go to work

that he forgot to ____________ (bring , brought) his dinner along.

Joy ran _____________ (before , after) him calling _________ (his ,

her) name, _________________ (but , since) the street was noisy and he

____________ (could , could not) hear her. It was ______________ (get ,

getting) dark and Joy started to be _______________ (happy , worried).

Suddenly, she thought she _____________ (see , saw) Tom across

the street. Joy dashed across without looking left ___________ (and , or)

right. A car screeched and then Joy rolled ____________ (over , against).

_____________ (When , What) she looked up, she saw many concerned


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