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Cloze Passage (4.2)

Read the passage and fill in the blanks.

The Crow And The Fox

The farmer chased and ___________ (yelled , talked) at a crow that

had stolen ______________ (many , some) cheese from his kitchen. The

crow ____________ (flies , flew) away to the forest and _____________

(perched , sat) on a tree to ___________ (catch , have) its breath.

"I am ____________ (save , safe) from pursuit here. Now to have a

____________ (bite , bit) of my cheese," the crow ____________ (think ,

thought). Just then a hungry fox happened to pass __________ (above ,


"That cheese looks ___________ (good , smelly)! I'll ___________

(trick , tell) the crow and snatch it away __________ (to , from) her," the

fox thought.

"Oh, _____________ (how , so) beautiful you are. Since you are so

beautiful, you must also have a _________ (sound , voice) as wonderful

as the canary's," praised the fox.

The crow was so ____________ (thrilled , bored) that it opened its

bill widely to let the fox hear its voice.

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