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Cloze Passage (4.3)

Read the passage and fill in the blanks.

Beautiful London

Of all the ___________ (areas , places) where the sun shines, there

is ______________ (nowhere , everywhere) nicer to live in the world than

London. Do you ____________ (know , knew) it?

On __________ (most , more) days, its streets are busy __________

(and , with) people coming and ___________ (going , gone). Everybody is

kind and ____________ (polite , rude). This is ____________ (why , what)

makes London so wonderful.

In the market it is a _____________ (same , different) matter. People

come from far and wide to buy and __________ (buy , sell), to chatter and

to __________ (ask , haggle) for bargains. What a ____________ (treat ,

threat) it is to go to the market. I _____________ (have , had) made many

__________ (journeys , trips) to the market and each time it is a _______

(new , old) experience.

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