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Cloze Passage (4.4)

Read the passage and fill in the blanks.

Fishing In The Pond

"Don't you _____________ (want , wanted) to come fishing?" asked


"Fishing? Oh, I _________ (will , would) love to go," answered Nigel.

He likes to sit on the __________ (bank , side) with his fishing line in the

water and _______ (look , watch) the sunlight glinting on the _________

(top , surface) of the water.

"_________ (Please , You ) do come," begged Kimberly. "_______

(Its , It's) not much fun without you. I have even __________ (prepared ,

taken) a fishing rod for you."

"Alright, __________ (let , let's) go."

Kimberly and Nigel went to the river, _________ (hop , sat) on the

bank _________ (cast , threw) their rods in and waited. ____________

(Suddenly , Now ) there was a _________ (shake , pull) on Nigel's line.

The fish pulled so hard that it pulled Nigel _______ (in , into) the water!

No fish ___________ (but , because) he got himself all wet!

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