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Cloze Passage (4.5)

Read the passage and fill in the blanks.

Robin Hood

In Sherwood Forest, Robin Hood was the ___________ (good , best)

archer. He had been ___________ (drove , driven) outside the law by the

greedy Prince John who __________ (rules , ruled) the country.

Prince John was very ____________ (kind , cruel) and many families

__________ (starve , starved) to death. But Robin was never __________

(as , too) far away to help the people.

Sherwood Forest became the ____________ (home , house) of many

brave __________ (and , or) honest men. Robin said, "Never rob the poor

or the old, and never __________ (help , harm) any women or _________

(child , children). My plan is not to kill the rich but to ___________ (share ,

take) their money with the poor."

It was not Robin and his friends who ___________ (kept , broke) the

law __________ (but , or) Prince John. When King Richard ___________

(came , returned) from the Crusades, Robin would tell him the _________

(true , truth).

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