Tutorial World Primary 2
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Capacity   (12.1)

A.   Fill in the blanks.

1. - = ________ millilitres
2. + = ______ litre ________ millilitres
3. + = _______ millilitres
4. - = ________ millilitres

B.   Solve the following problems.
1. A beaker can hold 1 litre of water. A pail was filled to the brim with 11 beakers of water. Find the capacity of the pail.






2. A tank has a capacity of 35 litres. It contains 18 litres of water. How many more litres of water are needed to fill it up?






3. Everyday, Nicky drinks 2 litres of milk and Micky drinks 1 litre. How much milk do they drink in a week?






4. Pail A has a capacity of 7 litres. Pail B can hold 2 litres more than Pail A. Find the total capacity of both pails.






5. A fish pond had 200 litres of water. After several months, of the water evaporated. Find the amount of water left in the pond.






6. Mrs Tan bought 6 cartons of orange juice. Each carton was 4 litres. She poured all the juice into jugs. Each jug had a capacity of 3 litres. How many jugs would she need?