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Cloze Passage (4.1)

Read the passage and fill in the blanks with the given words.

often hero toyshop happened noble
painted longed climbed thought once
cheer grand seek other pointed

The Clown

There was ________ a clown called Funny, who lived in a _________

with hundreds of __________ toys. Some were very __________ toys who

wouldn't even look at the little clown with his ________ face and ________

hat. Some toys were not so grand and the clown would ________ talk with

them. Funny ________ to be a hero. He wanted to do something ________

so that all the toys in the toyshop would _________ him and cry out that he

was a __________. He __________ his little corner on the toyshelf was dull.

Nothing ever __________ there. That night, Funny the clown ___________

down from his shelf. He made up his mind to __________ adventures.

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