Name:_________________________ Date:_______________

Cloze Passage (4.3)

Read the passage and fill in the blanks with the given words.

saved to plants weed hoped
garden growing hers because another
principal bunch best-kept bought promised

Jean's Rose Garden

Jean has a nice little ____________ at school. She was very proud of

it because she had three rose ___________. She had ___________ up her

money and __________ them herself ____________ she loved roses.

Jean _________ to be able to have a fine __________ of roses for her

classroom and ____________ to take home for her mother.

The _____________ of the school called all the "garderners" ________

her one day and _____________ a prize for the _______________ garden.

Jean did hope _______ would be the best. Everyday she went to _______

it and water her plants which were __________ very well.

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