Name:_________________________ Date:_______________

Cloze Passage (4.4)

Read the passage and fill in the blanks with the given words.

pull biggest suddenly once seen
together whistle turn sister puff
strange birthday great squeezed rope

Magical Engine

Nigel received a big red train for his ___________. It was the _______

toy engine he had ever _________. So big that Nigel and his __________

Kimberly could easily get into the back of it and sit there __________.

Nigel had a _____________ tied round the red funnel and he used to

__________ Kimberly around the house in the engine. Then he would have

his __________ at riding and Kimberly would pull. It was _________ fun.

One day, a very __________ thing happened. While the children were

in the garden and had ____________ themselves into the engine together,

___________ they heard a sound in the distance like the loud _________

of an engine. At _________ their own engine gave a start as though it

too had "heard" the signal. Then it began to __________ away down the

garden path!

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