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Cloze Passage (4.5)

Read the passage and fill in the blanks with the given words.

wooden back pop that disappointed
never other hurting string before
pulled cork misuse proudly over

Yuli's Pop Gun

The day __________ Yuli bought his pop-gun was a dreadful one for

all the toys in his room. All the toys had _______________ heard of a gun

shot __________ and none of them knew what a pop-gun was.

Yuli brought his gun __________ into his room. Then he stood up his

___________ soldiers in a row and put the __________ into the end of his

pop-gun. The cork was tied to the end of the gun by a _________. When

Yuli __________ the trigger of the gun, the cork flew out with a loud

__________ and hit one of the wooden soldiers. The soldier fell ________

at once. Then Yuli put the cork __________ into the gun and shot at the

next soldier one by one.

When mother saw Yuli __________ his toys, she was ____________.

She told him not to ________ the pop-gun and not to shoot at his _______

toys again.

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