Tutorial World Primary 3
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Word Problems (7.1)

Solve the problems below.
1. Mrs Ong bought 3 boxes of mooncakes. In each box there were 4 mooncakes. She gave 6 mooncakes to her neighbour. How many mooncakes had she left?






2. Limin picked 23 strawberries. Kumar picked 4 strawberries more than her. If they ate 11 strawberries each, how many strawberries were left?






3. In a hall, there were 10 rows of chairs. Each row had 8 chairs. If 57 students were seated, how many chairs were empty?






4. Patrick has 26 stamps. He exchanges 8 stamps for 5 with Ali and gives 4 stamps to his brother. How many stamps has he now?






5. There are 15 players in rugby team and 5 in a basketball team. If 3 rugby teams decided to play basketball, how many teams can they form?






6. The distance between Town A and Town B is 830 km. Mr Chong drove from Town A to Town B in 3 days. He drove 240 km on the first day and 415 km on the second day. How many kilometres did he drive on the third day?






7. Rashid went to the shop with $47. He bought a football and an air pump and had $14 left. If the football costed twice as much as the air pump, how much was the football?






8. Mr Smith uses 2 tea bags everyday. He bought 3 boxes of tea with 12 tea bags in each box. At the end of 1 week, how many tea bags has he?






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