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Sentence Structure & Punctuation (3.7)

Write the questions which correspond to the answers given.
1. _______________________________________________________
I was at Ali's house yesterday to attend his birthday party.
2. _______________________________________________________
Lucy is cooking dinner in the kitchen now.
3. _______________________________________________________
A hurricane hit the coast last night and destroyed several houses.
4. _______________________________________________________
No, I do not know how to operate this printing machine.
5. _______________________________________________________
He wrote his bestseller while serving his prison term.
6. _______________________________________________________
Shenyen could not finish her homework so she had to stay back in class after school.
7. _______________________________________________________
We spent our vacation in Southern Europe enjoying the sun.
8. _______________________________________________________
The dog tried to jump over the fence but its hind leg got caught by a twine.
9. _______________________________________________________
One of the uses of wood pulp is the production of papers.
10. _______________________________________________________
England won the World Cup in 1966.

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