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Cloze Passage (4.6)

Read the passage and fill in the blanks with the given words.

oil mixtures same different pigment
exactly types secondary binder paints
example shade waterproof palette mixing


In your colour ____________, red, yellow and blue are the only

colours you need. All other colours are ____________ of these three

primary colours. For ______________, red and yellow make orange.

Colours made from primary colours are called ___________ colours.

Artists often use ___________ paints which take a long time to

dry. The ___________ can be left on the palette and the artist need

not have to hurry. Artists always put the ____________ colour in the

same place on the palette so that they know ___________ where to

find it. They often spend a long time ______________ colours to get

the right ____________.

There are different _____________ of paints for different uses.

To paint a house, you would use paints that are _______________.

To paint a bicycle you would use enamel paints.

Paints are made from powders containing ____________ and

a _________. The pigment gives the paint its colour and the binder

make the pigment stick together. _______________ types of paints

have differnt binders.

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