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Cloze Passage (4.8)

Read the passage and fill in the blanks with the given words.

receives understands centre senses touches
bright black light actually what
linked send extremely pupil messages

Our Sense Of Sight

We have five _____________. They are sight, touch, taste,

smell and hearing. Our senses are ____________ by tiny nerves

to the brain, sending ________________ to the brain. The brain

__________ the messages it receives and tells us what we see.

When we look at something, _________ enters our eyeballs

through the cornea. The light ______________ the nerves at the

back of our eyeballs. The nerves then ____________ messages

about the light to the brain. Once the brain ______________ the

message, we know ____________ we are seeing.

The coloured circle of our eye is the iris. In the __________

of the iris is the pupil which looks like a ____________ spot. The

pupil is ____________ a hole that lets light into our eye.

Muscles in the iris make the ___________ larger or smaller

to let in more or less light. When it is ______________, the pupil

gets smaller to let in less light. When the light is _____________

bright, we would shut our eyes completely using our eyelids.

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