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Cloze Passage (4.5)

Read the passage and fill in the blanks with the given words.

afford money nowhere purse couldn't
fun fair realised miserable unhappy blew
saved chased flung excited delivered

The Ten Dollar Note

Shufen and Yanyan were very __________ because their mother was

going to bring them to the school ______________. They had __________

up a ten dollar note and kept it with their mother. This ____________ would

pay for their tickets and games.

On that morning, when mother open her __________ to pay florist who

had _____________ some flowers the ten dollar note fell out. A strong wind

came and quickly __________ it away.

The children ran out of the house and _____________ the flying note.

Suddenly the children ____________ they have lost sight of it. They looked

here and there but it was __________ to be found.

The children looked for more than half an hour but they ___________

find the ten-dollar note. They were very __________ because they wouldn't

be able to go to the fun fair.

"I'm very sorry, children," she said, "but I really cannot ___________ to

take you if we've lost the ten dollar. Mother looked so ____________.

Shufen and Yanyan __________ their arms around mother and kissed

her. "Never mind, mummy. Don't be upset."

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