Tutorial World Primary 4
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Graphs (4.2)

1. This table shows the distance ran by 6 children.
Name Distance
Andrew 2500 m
Nigel 3800 m
Kato 2050 m
Kimberly 3300 m
Jamal 2800 m
Jeremy 4025 m

(a) What distance did Nigel run? How much further did he run than Jamal?
(b) Who ran more than 3 km?
(c) What is the total distance of the longest and shortest runs?
(d) Who ran the third longest distance?

2. This table shows the number of cars sold by Ali. Represent the data in the table using a bar graph.
Month March April May June July August
Number of cars 8 10 2 5 9 4

(a) Shade the months with the highest and lowest number of cars sold?
(b) If one car costs $25,000, how much money did Ali make in June?
(c) How many more cars did Ali sell in the first 3 months than in the last 3 months?

3. Complete the table below.
Number of boys Number of girls Total
Eat noodles 6 12
Eat hamburgers 7 12
Eat chicken rice 9
Total 21 43

(a) How many children ate chicken rice?
(b) How many boys ate noddles and hamburgers?
(c) Which food was most popular?

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