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Area And Perimeter (6.1)

Solve the following problems.
1. Given : a = 12 cm , b = 9 cm
Find the area and the perimeter of the rectangle.

2. The figure shows a square with sides m. If the perimeter is 20 units, what is the length of m? Find the area.

3. For the figure on the left, find
(a) the perimeter
(b) the area.

4. Ab = 10 cm , BC = 8 cm
DE = 5 cm , EF = 3 cm
Find the perimeter and area of the figure.

5. The length of a is 3 times that of b. If the perimeter of the rectangle is 32 cm, find the area.

6. The 3 steps are of equal depth and height. Find the area of the figure.

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