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1. Deforestation took place to make way for building farms, houses and
   railway tracks.
2. The pigeons were unable to reproduce fast enough because man killed them
   by the millions for food.
3. Deforestation destroyed the pigeons' nesting places and their natural
4. It took only seventy years for the passenger pigeons to become extinct.
5. (This is an open ended question.)
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1. Van Gogh was twenty-seven years old when he started studying art.
2. The colours that he chose for his paintings showed that he was happy
   in Arles.
3. He expressed his feelings of sadness and anger by using dull, dark
4. Van Gogh's works can be seen in museums all over the world. "The
   Sunflower" (or "The Chair" or others) is one of his masterpieces.
5. Van Gogh was expressive through his strong brush strokes and use of
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1. Pharaohs built pyramids to mark their tombs and protect their body after
2. Large stones were transported by barges along the River Nile and dragged
   on sleds along wooden pathways.
3. Peasants and labourers did the work during the flood season.
4. Inside the tomb chamber are paintings, carvings and statues of the gods
   and the tomb's owner.
5. No, not all Pharaohs built pyramids. Some were commemorated by temples,
   colossi and obelisks.
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1. His lifestyle depended on his income.
2. Only the privileged lived in a town house which is a peaceful and private
   retreat that had no windows in the wall facing the road.
3. The poor tended land rented from rich landowners and sold excess produce.
4. Cotton and silk were considered luxurious and had to be imported from
   India and China.
5. We learnt about Roman fabrics from paintings, statues and carvings.
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1. The cook underwent an operation to remove his left lung.
2. The possible cause could be inhaling stir-fry smoke.
3. The doctor's advice was to undergo regular check-ups.
4. This is due to the Chinese custom of stir-frying dishes and filling
   kitchens with oily smoke.
5. The conclusion was that the rate of lung cancer among kitchen workers was
   fifteen percent higher than in the rest of the Hong Kong population.

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