Tutorial World Primary 5
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Cloze Passage (4.3)

Read the passage carefully and fill in the blanks with the most suitable word.

Cried "Wolf !"

There was once a ____________ boy who tendered his sheep

everyday. As the sheep grazed the ______________, he sat idly by

staring into the sky most of the time. But he ___________ for some

excitment and one day an idea came into his ____________.

"Wolf! Wolf!" he shouted as loud as he ____________.

On hearing the shepherd boy's cry for ________, the villagers

rushed into the field to save him. But when they __________, they

saw no wolf but the boy roaring with ____________. The villagers

did not think it was funny and all left feeling very upset.

The next week, the shepherd boy __________ the same trick

on the villagers again. This time, the villagers again rushed to help

him only to find they were fooled once more and the boy laughing

louder than ____________.

The next day, a wolf really came to _________ the shepherd

boy's sheep. "Wolf! Wolf!" the boy yelled and yelled and yelled.

When the villagers heard the boy yelling, they ___________

him. They thought he must be playing his trick again.


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