Tutorial World Primary 5
Name:_________________________ Date:_______________

Cloze Passage (4.7)

Read the passage carefully and fill in the blanks with the most suitable word.

A Boiler Explosion

Two technicians and a factory supervisor were __________ in

hospital with severe burns after a ___________ boiler exploded in a

chemical plant early yesterday morning. The plant is not _________

yet and the three workers were ____________ trial runs.

A flash fire followed by an explosion _____________ inside the

furnace of the boiler. This ___________ in the collapse of the boiler

structure and high-pressure steam was ________________ into the


The fire brigade arrived ______________ minutes and brought

the fire under control within ___________ hour. The injured workers

are reported to be in critical but stable ___________. Meanwhile the

company is conducting investigations into the _____________ of the

explosion and promised to fully _____________ the injured workers

and their families.


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