Tutorial World Primary 5
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Area Of Triangle (4.1)

Solve the problems below.
1. The rectangle has length AB = 42 m and breadth AD = 38 m. If CE = 8 m, find the area of the shaded portion.

2. ABCD is a square of sides 14 cm. If DE = 8 cm and CF = CG = 5 cm, find the total area.

3. Rectangle ABCD has length 15 cm and breadth 8 cm. If DE = 7 cm and EF = 6 cm, find the area of BCEF.

4. A rectangular piece of paper ABCD has two triangles cut out to form the letter Z (rotate the figure 90 degrees clockwise). AB = 21 cm, AD = 32 cm, DG = 7 cm, HF = 16 cm and EG = 8 cm. Find the area of letter Z.

5. A garden has the shape of a right-angled triangle with the two shorter sides measuring 9 m and 5 m. In the middle of the garden is a pond of area 12.8 square m. What area of the garden remains for planting grass?

6. A rectangular room is 8 m by 7 m. A triangular rug with AB = 2.5 m and BC = 3 m is placed on the floor. What area of the floor is not covered by the rug?

7. A square FDEC is placed inside a triangle ABC. The square has sides 7 cm. E and F are mid-points on the sides of the triangle. What area of the triangle is not covered by the square?

8. AD = 12 cm and BD = 18 cm. If BC is one-third of BD what is the area of ABC?

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