Tutorial World Primary 5
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Area Of Triangle (4.2)

Solve the problems below.
1. ABCD is a rectangle with width BC = 15 cm. The area of triangle BCE is one-fifth the area of triangle ABD. Calculate:
(a) The area of the shaded part.
(b) The perimeter of the rectangle.

2. What is the area of the figure? Given BC = 13 cm, AD = 7 cm and AE = 6 cm.

3. What is the area of triangle ABC? Given AD = 18 cm, BC = 13 cm and CD = 11 cm.

4. The area of triangle PQR is two-third that of rectangle ABCD. If PQ = 20 cm, PR = 6 cm and BC = 3 cm, calculate:
(a) The length of the rectangle.
(b) The total area of the 2 figures.

5. Find the area of the shaded portion. The rectangle has length 21 cm and width 4 cm.

6. Calculate the area of a right-angled isosceles triangle if the 2 sides of equal length are 16 cm long.

7. Find the area of triangle ADF. The diagonal of the rectangle is 14 cm and EF = 5 cm.

8. ST = 36 cm, RS = 24 cm, QX = 13 cm and YZ = 12 cm. If the height of the smaller triangle is half of RS, find the area of the shaded region.

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