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1. It was a time in Tom's life when he suddenly has a strong desire to go somewhere and dig a hidden treasure.
2. Huck was a carefree boy who was willing to be part of anything exciting.
3. Huck asked the question because he was curious to learn about finding treasures.
4. It means to pay full attention in listening to Tom's ideas.
5. Huck had goose pimples because he has to find some treasures hidden in haunted houses.


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1. The boy knew through the wailing of air raid sirens all over the city.
2. His air raid shelter was hot and stuffy with water leaking from the walls and ceiling.
3. Towns all over Europe were destroyed by bombs and hundreds of thousand of innocent men, women and children were killed.
4. They had to run to public shelters for protection.
5. The words "a door half-buried in the earth" describe that the shelter was hidden.


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1. Fogg was a man of honour and a gentleman in the English society.
2. "Anonymous" means a name is not known or makee public.
3. He would give generously and often anonymously.
4. The remarks he made about places and events in other parts of the world were always proven right.
5. The unusual thing is he had no relatives or friends.


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1. He believed that nothing else besides facts of be of service to people.
2. The phrase is "tone of voice was inflexible and dictatorial".
3. She called herself Sissy because her friends always call her that. Her real name was Cecilia.
4. The other adult was the school headmaster who had come to watch how Mr Thomas conducted his classes.
5. "Unison" means saying the same thing at the same time.


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1. She couldn't move her head due to the pain and heaviness.
2. She would go into Jane's room to wake her up.
3. Jane was in the room with Louisa.
4. She was weak and fainted while cycling down the road to the doctor.
5. Sissy was cooling Louisa's head because she was having a temperature.


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1. Man domesticated dogs because of dogs' great potential in guarding and hunting.
2. It also eats fruits and vegetables besides meat.
3. They have excellent sense of smell because their noses have long smelling membranes.
4. Dogs do not have excellent vision because they see in black, white and shades of grey.
5. We are referring to dogs' ageing process.

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