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1. Although it was raining, they played basketball.
2. You lost both your wallent and the keys because you were careless.
3. Pig sty is a place where pigs are kept.
4. All the children went home except Meilin.
5. Even though the man could help Yuli, he did not.
6. Jeremy is both taller and stronger than Andrew.
7. He did not win the race although he is a good runner.
8. Golf course is a place where people play golf.
9. However hard he worked, he could not finish his homework.
10. My mother was very sleepy and tired so she went to bed.

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1. My family has been living in England since 1991.
2. Your carelessness caused you to lose many marks in the examination.
3. Neither of the clocks is working.
4. The telephone rang while I was sleeping in the room.
5. Shufen waited for the next bus because she missed it.
6. The old lady slipped and fell because the floor was slippery.
7. I had lunch after I went to the library to borrow a book.
8. You can go to Malaysia either by plane or train.
9. I met my classmates when I was taking a stroll in the park.
10. My sister as well as I go to school everyday.

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1. Both Lucy and I like collecting stamps.
2. My dad cancelled his appointment so that he could bring me to the zoo.
3. Please hurry up unless you want us to wait for you.
4. When you are faced with a problem, do not give up easily.
5. Quarry is a place where stones for building are taken from.
6. All the girls are attending the concert except Mary.
7. You may go to the playground provided you have completed your work.
8. Neither you nor I have money.
9. Mr Wong is shorter than Mrs Wong.
10. This is the famous painting which the thief stole.

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1. However fast he ran, he could not catch up with the leaders.
2. Kim was very hungry so she ate a big bowl of noodles.
3. He volunteered to join the army even though he has a chest pain.
4. Before you eat your fodd, you must wash your hands.
5. It started to drizzle when we were playing hockey.
6. He was not chosen despite making many attempts to join the team.
7. He played in the tennis competition even though he has a leg injury.
8. The new train is both fast and safe.
9. As a result of his bravery in the war, he was presented with a medal.
10. We go to work everyday except on Sunday which is our only rest day.

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1. Due to his laziness, he lost his job as an engineer.
2. My father as well as my brother likes to play golf.
3. Bring along an umbrella just in case it starts to rain.
4. He has not been to the zoo since he came back to Singapore.
5. Neither Nigel nor Kimberly is going to the party.
6. This is the old lady whom you borrowed money from yesterday.
7. We did not have dinner because all the stalls were closed.
8. We must study hard in order to pass our examinations.
9. This is the girl whose father is a lawyer.
10. He won the match inspite of his bad injury.

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