Name:_________________________ Date:_______________

Cloze Passage (4.3)

Read the passage and fill in the blanks with the most suitable word.

Lim Bo Seng

Lim Bo Seng was a war ____________ of Singapore during the

Second World War. He was the _____________ of a group of Malay

and Chinese guerrillas fighting the Japanese who were __________


When Singapore was ____________ by the Japanese in 1942,

Lim Bo Seng ____________ to the jungle. He ____________ many

men to join forces to fight the Japanese. He ____________ them in

jungle warfare and also shooting with the rifles.

Lim Bo Seng and his men _____________ great trouble for the

Japanese. They _______________ patrols and outposts, killing the

enemy. They also ___________ on the movements of the Japanese


To aviod capture, Lim Bo Seng often ___________ himself so

that he cannot be recognised. One day, he was ___________ and

captured in Ipoh on Malaysia. The Japanese put him in prison and

tortured him.

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