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Cloze Passage (4.4)

Read the passage and fill in the blanks with the most suitable word.

Clouds And Rain

The heat from the Sun warms the Earth's ______________. This

causes the warm air near the ground to ___________. As the air rises,

it cools and the moisture ____________ into clouds of water droplets.

The highest clouds are the cirrus and they may reach a ___________

of 12,000 metres.

The tiny water droplets in a cloud __________ to become larger

droplets and these _______________ back to the Earth as rain. Rain

____________ water for animals and plants. When the water droplets

are _____________ agitated electric current may be created and this

____________ in lightning.

A rainbow is _________ when sunlight is refracted several times

over by the tiny raindrops. A rainbow is such a ______________ sight

because the white light is ____________ into seven different colours.

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