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Cloze Passage (4.2)

Read the passage and fill in the blanks with the most suitable word.


Many people love fur coats __________ they don't think of where the

fur comes from. Even when there are laws which ____________ the killing

of wild animals, many animals are still being __________ for their skins.

Today there are many people who feel upset at the ____________ of

killing wild animals to __________ coats and other goods. There are many

ways to keep us warm, why must we kill animals for just this __________?

We can use plastic, canvas and other man-made materials to __________

bags and shoes. We don't _________ real animal skins at all. If we choose

not to buy products _________ from animal skins than these animals need

not be killed for this purpose.

In 1908, the Queen of England ___________ that she didn't want any

of her subjects to ____________ their hats with feathers. Soon women all

over the world stopped wearing hats with feathers. Since the __________

of feathers stopped so did the killing of birds.

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