Tutorial World Primary 6
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Ratio (2.1)

Solve the problems below.
1. A bag of balloons was shared among Jack, Louis and Nick in the ratio 3:5:6.
(a) Express Jack's share as a fraction of Louis' share.
(b) What is Nick's share as a fraction of the total?






2. The ratio of boys to girls in a school is 4:5. If there are 276 boys, find the total number of students in the school?






3. The ratio of men to women in a food court is 4:3. The ratio of women to children is 5:2. If there are 24 children, how many men are there?






4. The ratio of Nigel's savings to Kimberly's is 9:11. If Kimberly has $132, how much do they have altogether?






5. The ratio of the sides of a triangle is 2:4:7. If the perimeter of the triangle is 66.3cm, what is the length of the longest side?






6. A packet of instant coffee contains coffee powder, sugar and creamer in the ratio 1:2:4. If the packet weighs 21.7g, how much sugar is there?






7. The ratio of boys to girls in a class is 5:6 and there are 3 more girls than boys. If another 5 boys and 4 girls join the class, what is the new ratio of boys to girls?






8. The area of a rectangle is 54 cm square. The ratio of the sides is 2:3. Find the perimeter of the rectangle.






9. Limin has as many beads as Shufen. If Limin gives of her beads to Shufen, what will be the ratio of Limin's beads to Shufen's?






10. The ratio of Yoko's money to Mary's is 9:5. After spending of her money, Yoko had $35 more than Mary. How much money did Mary have?






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