Tutorial World Primary 6
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Ratio (2.2)

Solve the problems below.
1. The ratio of apples to oranges in a lorry was 5:2. There were 248 oranges. How many apples were there?






2. During a football match, the ratio of men to women was 3:1. The ratio of men to children was 5:1. If there were 2490 children, how many people were at the football match?






3. A bundle of pens was shared among Mary, Limin and Yanyan in the ratio 4:2:3. If there were 54 pens, how many pens did Mary get?






4. The ratio of the sides of a right-angled triangle is 3:4:5. If the shortest side is 6cm, find the area of the triangle.






5. The ratio of Nigel's toys to Calvin's is 4:5. If Calvin has 6 more toys, how many toys do they have altogether?






6. A fruit punch contained syrup, beer and water in the ratio 3:1:8. If 3 cups more of syrup than beer were added, how many cups of fruit punch were made?






7. The ratio of girls to boys in a class is 2:5. There are 8 girls. How many new girls must join the class so that there will be equal number of boys and girls?






8. Andrew had as much money as Jeremy. He gave $24 to Jeremy and the new ratio of Andrew's money to Jeremy's was 1:2. How much money did Andrew have at the beginning?






9. The area of a rectangle is 24 cm² and the perimeter is 20cm. What is the ratio of the length to the width?






10. The ratio of Michael's money to John's was 3:4. After spending of his money, Michael had $14 less than John. Find
(a) The new ratio of Michael's money to John's.
(b) The amount of money Michael has left.






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