Tutorial World Primary 6
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Percentage (3.1)

A. Express each of the following as a fraction in its simplest form.
1. 5% 3. 16%
2. 42% 4. 78%
B. Express each of the following as a decimal.
1. 9% 3. 31%
2. 69% 4. 97%
C. Express each of the following as a percentage.
1. 2 3. 15
5 25
2. 0.72 4. 1.33

D. Solve the problems below.
1. 38% of a pole is painted red, 26% is painted yellow and the rest is painted black. If the pole is 2.6 m long, what length of the pole is painted black?






2. Ali spent $150 to make 250 sticks of satay. He sold 80% of the satays and made a profit of 50% on each stick of satay sold. What was Ali's total profit?






3. Mrs Wong has 8 m of cloth. One table cloth uses 1.25 m of cloth. If she made 4 table cloths, what percentage of cloth is she left with?






4. The cost of a hi-fi set was $525. It was sold for $630. Express the profit as a percentage of the cost price?






5. A club has 480 members. 60% of the members are men and the rest are women. If the number of male members is increased by 25%, what is the new percentage of female members?






6. In a test there were 80 questions. Limin answered 92.5% of the questions and she got 75% correct on all the questions she answered. What is her marks in percentage?






7. Nigel paid $26 for a pen when it was sold at a discount of 20%. Kimberly bought the smae type of pen at $26.65. What percentage discount did Kimberly get?






8. 70% of a cake is flour, 20% is eggs and the remaining portion is milk. If the eggs used weigh 320 g, what is the weight of flour used?






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