Tutorial World Primary 6
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Percentage (3.2)

A. Express each of the following as a fraction in its simplest form.
1. 15% 3. 8%
2. 58% 4. 75%
B. Express each of the following as a decimal.
1. 13% 3. 27%
2. 72% 4. 85%
C. Express each of the following as a percentage.
1. 7 3. 34
12 40
2. 0.48 4. 0.72

D. Solve the problems below.
1. The construction of the first 45% of a road costed $250 000. The remaining part of the road costed 20% more to build. What was the total cost of the road?






2. Ali spent $600 to make 7500 sticks of satay. He sold each of the satay at $0.22. If Ali wants to increase his profit by another 25%, what price must he sell each stick of satay?






3. Mr Tan's salary is 10% less than his wife's salary. His wife earns $45600 a year. What is his monthly salary?






4. A hi-fi set was sold for $3550. If the profit was 25%, what was the cost price?






5. A school has 2400 students. There are 8% more girls than boys. If the principal wants to have only 3% more girls than boys but maintain the school enrolment, how many girls must be replaced by boys?






6. In a test there were 120 questions. Limin answered 85% of the questions and obtained a score of 80%. How many of those questions she answered were incorrect?






7. In a box there were 16% more green buttons than red buttons. If there were 84 red buttons, how many buttons were there altogether?






8. There are 60 000 people in a town. 70% of the population are adults. If 2000 babies were born and 2000 adults died, what is the new percentage of adults in the town?






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