Tutorial World Primary 6
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Circles (5.2)

Solve the problems below. [pi = 3.14 or (22/7)]
1. The circumference of coin A is 66 mm. Coin B is bigger than coin A but both coins are of the same thickness and material. If coin B weighs four times as heavy as coin A, what is the diameter of coin B. [ pi = (22/7) ]

2. The sides of the square piece of paper is 22 cm long. If a semi-circle was cut on one side, what is the area of the remaining piece of paper? [ pi = (22/7) ]

3. A boy ran along the perimeter of a field which has the shape of a quadrant. If the curve portion of the perimeter is 314 m, what is the area of the field? [ pi = 3.14 ]

4. The rectangle has length 20 cm and breadth 7 cm. Find the area of the shaded portion? [ pi = (22/7) ]

5. The whole cake weighed 3.6 kg. There were 9 children and each child ate 0.3 kg of the cake. The remainder of the cake is shown as the shaded portion. If the radius of the cake was 30 cm, what is the area of the shaded portion? [ pi = 3.14 ]

6. C is the centre of the larger semi-circle. The smaller semi-circle has a radius of 3 m. Find the perimeter of the shape shown in the diagram.

7. ABC is a right-angle triangle. The sides have a ratio of 3:4:5 and BC is also the diameter of the circle. If the triangle has an area of 6 square cm, find the area of the circle.

8. The right-angled triangle has base and height 7 cm. What is the difference in area between the triangle and the semi-circle?

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